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  • Todd Gillespie


If you've ever had to sit through a long and mind-numbing statistics class, please know my thoughts are with you.  Stats aren't fun, but perhaps the only thing worse than taking a stats class is falling victim to one of the real-life statistics below.  These are some of the challenges businesses just like yours are facing every day.  Take a look – we’ve included our source on each, just in case you want to read a little further.  

If you want to talk about any of these – don’t hesitate to setup a free consultation with us!

46% of small business in the U.S. still don’t have a website! Seriously folks?

Gone are the days websites are going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars to make!  There are plenty of DIY options available that look pretty darn good, and provide loads of functionality.

Only 16% of small businesses think they are susceptible to a cyber-attack. 

Guess where 61% of attacks occur?  Maybe they just got their numbers transposed?   Regardless of how small or large your business is, you’re a target.  Sorry to be that blunt.

27% of Small Businesses have No IT Support! 

The source is a couple years old, but it doesn’t appear to have improved much.  There are some great, (and inexpensive) options out there for small businesses.  Find a partner you can trust who is there to guide you, not sell you!

Only 20% of Tech Jobs are filled by Women!  What!  As a bunch of nerds we admit girls make us a bit nervous – but this is ridiculous!  Hopefully this trend will go by the wayside as more women move into the STEM fields. 

17% of Managed Service Providers (the guys who help businesses with their IT) saw an increase in Office 365 ransomware infections! 

So, if you’re not independently backing up your O365 data (like OneDrive) and just leaving it up to Microsoft you could be at risk!  Microsoft (and google) aren’t impervious to infections.  You’ve got to look out for yourself, and your data! 

95% of online customers are influenced by online reviews. 

Are you looking at these for your company?  Go google “my company name" and the word "reviews" and see what comes back.  You need to respond to these with “Please” and “Thank You” and the occasional “oh no they didn’t!”

The shift towards remote work is still increasing! 

Are you ready for it? Firewalls, remote connectivity, cloud computing and more.  People want and need more flexibility in their lives.  Is your company ready to provide that to future employees?

One third of Small Businesses start with less than $5 Grand!

That makes it tough to spend a ton of money on IT.   Websites, support, accounting packages can all be had inexpensively, but where do you start?  Answer – with a partner you can trust and guide you!

50% of small businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months of a breach!

Think about what would happen if all your data was locked, and you couldn’t access a thing.

40% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster. 

Don’t become a statistic!  If you need help in any of these areas – we would love to sit down and talk with you at no cost.  Also, many of the sources listed have ideas that you can implement on your own. 

Stay safe out there!

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