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Black Dog IT Solutions specializes in the information technology needs of small and medium sized businesses in the Omaha Metro Area.  We'll guide you through the technical jungle!  Whether that means a small one time computer repair, or serving as your entire IT department.  We have the experience, knowledge, and people skills to help make your company better through technology! 

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Managed Services. Almost every IT support company in Omaha is taking their customers in this direction.  Why?  Because it provides customers with a team of IT professionals, all focused on making sure your technology is not just working, but working well!  

With Managed IT Services, Black Dog can serve as your entire IT department, or supplement what your current IT staff is doing.  

Managed IT Services allow us to be proactive.  We're not simply putting out fires, but taking a hands on approach to your entire technology infrastructure.  Heading off problems before they rear their ugly heads!

When you become a Black Dog Managed IT customer, you can rest easy knowing your technology support, security, and disaster recovery needs are being covered at a consistent monthly price.  No more worrying about expensive support calls, or putting problems aside because you've had too many this month!  

Managed Services allow you to get out of the IT game and concentrate efforts on your business!  Oh, and we typically do it for way less than what adding IT staff will cost!

Call us at 402.881.3782, or click on the button below to schedule a free assessment to see if Managed IT Services is right for your business!

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Managed IT Services are great, but they don't always meet every company's needs or budget.  Unfortunately, many IT support companies are only offering managed services - making it tough to find support for just an issue or two!  

Black Dog IT Solutions is happy to help with even the smallest of issues!  From PC help to virtual servers to cloud implementations and back again, we have you covered.  

Don't hesitate to call.  We can help with almost anything tech related!  


Call us today - 402.881.3782  

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Not sure where to start?  Need a fresh perspective on an old problem?

Black Dog has helped Omaha area companies with projects both large and small including:

  • ERP (Business System) selection and implementation 

  • New Equipment and Upgrades

    • Network​ (Security Appliances, Firewalls, WiFi, Switches, etc)

    • Servers

    • Workstations / Laptops

  • Cloud Migrations and Deployments​

  • Server Migrations

  • Dashboard Creation - Power BI

  • Office 365 

  • Email

  • Marrying business processes to technology that actually helps!

  • So much more!

Black Dog IT Solutions has a wealth of experience in completing IT projects on time and on budget.  If you have an idea of what you need done, but aren't sure how to get there, you need to call us!

The first consultation is free!  402.881.3782

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PC's are still the backbone of small and medium sized business computing.  When they go down, work suffers.  You can count on Black Dog IT Solutions to get you back up and running quickly.  

Our skilled technicians can help with broken laptop screens, Windows reinstalls, virus and malware removal, data transfer to new computers, slow performance, hard drive failures and much more!  

To make it easier for you, we can perform much of this at your location or in our Omaha office at 14913 Industrial Road.  

Call us now to schedule your repair!  402.881.3782

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What would you do if all your business data was gone? 

What if your office burned to the ground?  

What if an attack leaves all your files encrypted? 

Disasters don't just happen to other businesses, or to the large ones!  One day, without any warning, you'll be that other business.  

Surviving a data disaster starts with preparation.  You must be proactive because once disaster strikes it is too late.  

We can guide you through this!  Implementing a disaster recovery plan is much more affordable than trying to rebuild from nothing!  

Call us today to learn about your Disaster Recovery options!  


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Your business isn't immune to cyber security threats.  Small and mid-sized businesses are actually targeted more frequently because they often lack the resources to keep themselves properly protected.  

We can help!  We'll come in, analyze your current tech infrastructure and security, make recommendations and implement solutions to keep your business safe!

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Employees are a company's greatest asset.  Well trained employees are more productive, and quite frankly happier than those that aren't!  In Omaha, you can count on Black Dog IT Solutions for your employee training needs.  

Black Dog offers User Training in several different areas, including: 

  • Employee Cyber-Security - (keeping yourself safe)

  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook etc. 

  • Custom Training Curriculum to meet your needs.  We can help you write your own training program!

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You can't be everywhere!  Fortunately security cameras from Black Dog can be!  Cameras help keep a watchful eye on your assets, and serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.  

Cameras can be a very cost effective means to keep your business safe.  Whether you need one camera or a hundred, you can count on Black Dog IT Solutions to provide you with the camera system your business needs!

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Few problems can be as frustrating as network issues.  If you're experiencing WiFi drops, slow connection speeds or trouble connecting to network resources, we can help.  

You can count on Black Dog to design and implement your new network as well.  With years of experience on networks from 2 to 400+ computers, we can design a solution that will keep you productive and safe! Our staff has been helping Omaha area businesses with their network problems for over 20 years!


Contact us today to solve your network issues!  

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At Black Dog we pride ourselves on being a complete technology partner for your business.  That certainly extends to Web Design, Hosting and SEO.  In fact, it extends to your entire Web Presence - web page, social media, Google, Amazon - you know, the whole enchilada!

If you're searching for a partner in the Omaha area to design or fix your website - look no further than Black Dog IT Solutions!  

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You can't operate without your smart phone!  Unfortunately there are still areas in and around Omaha with lousy cell signal!  

Most of our customers who experience poor cellular connection have already tried one of the "boosters" from their cellular provider, but found little improvement.  If your business is in one of these cellular black holes - give us a call!  We can provide you with a solution that actually works!  Your employees, neighbors and customers will thank you!  

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Save your back and your wall and give us a call!  We hang a lot of TV's.  I mean a lot!  If your business is in need of a TV upgrade we can help!  We can provide pricing on the TV and mounting, or just the mounting itself.  


If you need a TV mounted in Omaha, Call Us Today!  402.881.3782

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Network Security
Web Design
Cell Boost
TV Mounting


Digital Signage is a great way to make the most out of your wall space!  Why just put a boring menu board up, when you can cycle through great looking pictures and visually tell your customers what you have to offer?

Black Dog Technicians can setup digital signage to work with your current televisions, or we can install professional grade signage throughout your business. 

We can even put together a video wall - taking 4 or more TV's and making them function as one!  If you want something really "extra" in your Omaha business - call us!

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