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Black Dog is a small group of IT professionals who have spent years in the tech field.  Together we have a wide range of experience and expertise.  

The company has two distinct flavors - small/mid-sized businesses and residential customers.  Our roots are definitely in small business but we love dealing with home users!  

Black Dog is led by Todd Gillespie.  Todd has spent the last 20 years in IT or Business Operations in one form or another.  He has managed ERP conversions, engaged in corporate-wide strategic planning, led numerous infrastructure rebuilds, implemented safety and business continuity plans and much more.  Before starting Black Dog IT Solutions he spent the last four years as the Director of IT and Service Operations at a multi-million dollar regional company.  

In 2011, Todd was named to the 40-under-40  by the Midlands Business Journal

Jamie Hatcher heads up operations for Black Dog.  Jamie has over ten years of experience as an independent IT consultant for numerous Omaha area companies.  He has extensive background in maintaining computer systems, troubleshooting errors, maintaining internet connectivity, diagnostics and technical support.  Computer problems?  Jamie can fix it!


Who we are is simple.  We are a guide.  More aptly, we are your guide, serving to get you through existing problems, and avoid future ones from landing on your doorstep!

You can reach us at or at 402.881.3782.  

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