We know you're tired of cable's high prices!  Many people are moving away from cable and satellite TV and going to streaming live TV services like HULU Live, Sling, and YouTube TV.  

It's cheaper, and in many cases better than traditional TV services.  

We'll come out to your home, test your signal strength, internet speed, make sure your equipment is up to date, setup a trial of a service and teach you how to use it!  

Wow, that was a long, run-on sentence!

Most folks can do this themselves, but there are a lot of folks who just aren't comfortable doing it - that's where we come in!  Contact us for details!

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Thanks for stopping by Black Dog IT Solutions.   We're an Omaha, Nebraska based IT support services company that specializes in small and medium sized businesses as well as residential users. 

So, if you're in need of computer repair, network troubleshooting, server upgrades, cloud migration, Office 365 sales or help - we've got your back!

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