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Windows 7 end of life

Windows 7 is coming to an end.  On January 14th of 2020, Microsoft will no longer support the product.  

What does Windows 7 End of Life mean for you?  

First, know that you can continue to use Windows 7 computers.  They won't just stop working on January 14th.  

Although you can continue to use them, know that doing so puts your computer, network and data at risk.  Microsoft will no longer release any updates for Windows 7 - including vital security upgrades.  This leaves you in a dangerous spot.  

It is very important that you either upgrade your Windows 7 computers to Windows 10, or purchase new laptops and desktops to replace them.  

The good news is we can help.  

We offer computers for every budget and need.  We even offer renewed desktops that can get you up and running on Windows 10 for next to nothing.  Currently we can get you into a renewed Dell Optiplex 16Gb, i5 processor with 500 Gb hard drive for just $349 installed at your location!  

Contact us for details! 

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