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The security assessment conducted by Black Dog IT Solutions is not a watered down look at whether you have updated virus protection or if your firewall is from a vendor that we support.  No, we take a very comprehensive look at your network and provide a detailed report as it pertains to its security and general health. 

The length of the process depends on the size of your network and how it is configured.  In many cases it can be completed within an hour with little user disruption.  

When finished you'll receive a detailed summary report that will inform you of internal and external vulnerabilities, patching, drive space issues, operating systems problems and much more.  We'll even do a scan to see if your information is being sold on the dark web.  

Most customers are surprised by what we find.  A few are relieved!  If your Omaha area business is between 1 and 200 users and you're concerned about the safety of your network - contact us today for your free network security assessment.  

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