Everyone loves the look of a cleanly mounted TV on the wall.  However, not everyone likes the hard work of putting it up!  

If your business needs a TV mounted, either for digital signage, or to wirelessly cast documents to it - let us know.  


We can provide quotes on the install, or on the TV itself plus install.  


So if you need a TV mounted in Omaha, call us at 402.881.3782. 


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Thanks for stopping by Black Dog IT Solutions.   We're an Omaha, Nebraska based IT support services company that specializes in small and medium sized businesses as well as residential users. 

So, if you're in need of computer repair, network troubleshooting, server upgrades, cloud migration, Office 365 sales or help - we've got your back!

Call us today at 402.881.3782 or drop by at 14913 Industrial Rd, Omaha.